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Home of America's Tallest Flagpole West of the Mississippi

Butte Valley teems with American and community pride. In June 2, 1996, this small but energetic community, raised a 30 x 60 ft American flag to fly atop a 200 ft - tall flagpole. Located next to Dorris City Hall, America's tallest flagpole West of the Mississippi garners immense interest from travelers and residents alike. A community flag raising and barbecue is held annually on the Fourth of July to honor all Veterans and active military who fight to preserve the freedom we all enjoy.




Aerial View of Butte Valley Photo by Don Mouser of
Aerial Concepts

Butte Valley – Your Vacation Destination
Butte Valley is comprised of approximately 120 square miles in northern - most California. Nestled between magnificent Mt. Shasta to the south, elevation 14,162 ft., and Oregon's great Klamath Basin and the state line to the north, Butte Valley is considered High Desert plateau with a typical valley elevation of 4250 ft. Located in Siskiyou County, it includes the communities of Macdoel, Tennant, Bray, Mt. Hebron and the City of Dorris.

The valley is intersected by Highway 97 and surrounded by mountain ridges and lakes. Highway 97, also know as the Al-Can Highway which was originally completed during WW II, connects us with the Interstate 5 corridor and communities all the way to Alaska, including Bend, Oregon. Hwy 97 has been designated as the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway and offers travelers numerous opportunities to view historical sites and wildlife. The center of the valley is 325 miles SE of Portland, Or. and 350 miles miles north of San Francisco. Check out the Google map of our area here.

A Camping/Hunting/Recreation Bonanza

Whether you shoot with a camera or gun or just want to enjoy nature's beauty, Butte Valley has it all. Over 50 Species of mammals, 200 species of birds and exceptional Rainbow & Brown trout, catfish, and bass abound in Butte Valley. Tour, stay and enjoy Butte Valley's Wildlife Refuge, state and federal campgrounds , our lakes and mountain streams and historic National Monuments and Parks.

Looking for winter fun, then you found your place. Multiple opportunities to snowmobile, cross-country ski and even dog sledding are available in Butte Valley. Check out " Fun Things to Do."

Live and Work

Butte Valley offers a rural setting with a small town atmosphere. The local economy is primarily agriculture/ranching with typical retail and service offerings.

Medical and Dental needs are fulfilled by our local community health clinic located in Dorris with major medical and hospital services provided by entities located in Klamath Falls, Oregon just 20 miles north of the City of Dorris.

Butte Valley has a solid education system with preschool through grade 12 schools.

Residents can choose between affordable housing in one of our small town/city communities or our numerous smaller farm/ranch home sites.

Butte Valley is blessed with numerous churches and organizations to support its residents.

Butte Valley has several major ag businesses who provide both annual and large seasonal work employment . A moulding mill operates in our community providing additional annual employment. Public employment is also a major source of local jobs.

A combination of civic pride, civic involvement, American spirit and family values make Butte Valley a great place to live and work. Come join us and enjoy all the benefits of Butte Valley.

The Chamber would like to thank the many contributors to the content and photos displayed in this website. All contributors are appreciated and owed the community's gratitude. We welcome you to explore Butte Valley’s community’s pride documented herein.