Economic Profile: The local economy is primarily agriculture/ranching with solid local retail/service support. Countywide statics indicate that median household income is $37,000. Butte Valley has a moulding mill operating within our community. Other major employers are various Federal, State and government agencies.

Transportation: The community is supported by postal, UPS and Federal Express parcel (truck) services. Hwy 97 and 161 are the major transportation routes. Butte Valley Airport is located between Macdoel and Dorris adjacent to Hwy 97. The Airport runway is 4300 ft long, paved and under VFR control. See Butte Valley Airport tab in this section for more airport information. Commercial airline connections are available at Klamath Falls Regional Airport, Klamath Falls, Oregon (20 miles north of Dorris.)

Population: Population levels in Butte Valley have remained stable for many years. The City of Dorris has the largest concentration of the valley’s population. The City’s population is approximately 940 based on 2011 Siskiyou County data..

Health & Safety Services:
Our community is supported by its own health clinic, the Butte Valley Health Center, 610 W. Third Street, Dorris (see listing in Business & Services Directory). Emergency Services are provided by Butte Valley Ambulance Service and several volunteer fire districts which are anchored by the City of Dorris Fire Department. Hospital and major emergency services are available from Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls, Oregon (20 miles north of Dorris).

Community law enforcement services are provided by the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department, California Highway patrol , Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Forest Service. The City of Dorris contracts with the Sheriff’s Department for its primary law and safety enforcement.

Education: The Butte Valley Unified School District provides K-12 education to the children of our community. The District offers are very low 14 students/teacher ratio. Higher education opportunities are provided by community colleges located in Weed, Ca (50 miles south) or Klamath Falls, Oregon (20 miles north).

Community Groups: The community is populated with highly motivated citizens who are involved with family and community civic service. These groups included Lions Club, 4-H, FFA, Historic Society, Friends of the Library and the Butte Valley Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the community hosts frequent fundraisers for individuals with financial or medical needs and those young people apprising to higher achievements. We welcome others to join into our community and family spirit.

Worship: Butte Valley host several churches of different denominations. See community Contacts for further information..

Climate: Sunshine reigns in Butte Valley on an average of 275 days a year. The high dry climate provides for warm summers and fairly mild winters. When snow falls, it only occasionally stays on the ground more than 3-4 days. Annual precipitation is 13.06”. The average July high temperature is 79.6 degrees and average January low temperature is 22.5 degrees. The fall season is mild with comfortable temperatures, crystal clear vistas and pure fresh air.