Butte Valley is located in northeastern Siskiyou County and borders Oregon on its northern edge. A high valley, elevation 4250 feet surrounded by mountains on all sides. Beautiful vistas of Mt. Shasta are plentiful to the south of the valley. Located within the Butte Valley Chamber of Commerce are the California towns/cities of Dorris, Macdoel, Tennant and Mt. Hebron.

The City of Dorris, incorporated in 1908, was founded when the Railroad entered the Valley. Several buildings and businesses were moved four miles east from the former town of Picard to form the original makings of present day Dorris. The move was made by placing round logs under the buildings and them pulling them the distance with horses and mules. Today, Highway 97 transverses through central Dorris. You can conveniently stop at the Chamber kiosk (adjacent to City Hall), view the tallest flagpole in America and pick up useful information about Butte Valley’s abundant recreational opportunities and local businesses.

Macdoel was founded in 1906 by the Church of the Brethren congregation. It is an unincorporated town located on Highway 97 about 15 miles south of the Oregon border. Macdoel features truck scales, convenience store, fuel stations and U.S. Post office.

Tennant and Mt. Hebron are historic old lumber camps. Mt. Hebron serves the community with a general store.


Remember: Stop at the Chamber's Kiosk located adjacent to City Hall and America's Tallest Flagpole for useful area information.